AboutIvy The feedback we are receiving from early buyers of the DVD have been very positive, and that is putting it mildly. Even the replicator’s wife said she “loved” it. We would love to get your feedback! Please write to us at info@cleancuisineandmore.com and be sure to let us know if we have permission to reprint your comments. Happy transforming!

Hello Ivy and Company!

I am just writing to say that I absolutely love the new Full Fusion Fitness dvd!! I have been doing it along with cardio almost six days a week because I haven’t wanted to do any of my other dvd workouts! And now I’ve discovered – belatedly – that Ivy also has short workouts posted on You Tube. Yeah!

Thanks again for making such a fun and effective workout. It’s truly different than any others I have, and believe me, I have a lot! (like about 200).

Please keep making dvds and posting shorts online.

Thank you!!

A Happy Customer –
Deana Colon

A lot of workouts are SO intense they’re overwhelming and I get discouraged thinking “I’ll never be able to do that!!” Not with this one, it is very intense, but at the same time doable. I love that there’s nothing in this workout that makes my knees hurt. It’s no impact, but high intensity.   – Lisa – Full Review Posted on Amazon

I am so happy that I decided to buy this DVD! I have been looking for a different workout that could target all areas of my body without being bored! – Brooke Thomas – Full Review Posted on Amazon

And you will definitely see results … no tricky moves – all very simple, easy to learn – like I said no choreography. I’m very happy I bought this as it accomplishes everything I was looking for. – P. Tu – Full Review Posted on Amazon