Benefits of the Afterburn

If you are not convinced the afterburn is actually a bigger deal than the exercise itself, then let us more closely examine how your body burns calories with a pop quiz. Which of the following do you think accounts for the greatest percentage of calories you burn during the course of the day?

A. The calories you burn by exercising and moving.
B. The calories you burn by digesting break fast, lunch, and dinner.
C. The calories you burn by supporting basic body functions such as pumping blood, tissue repair, thinking, and keeping warm.

Most people answer A, but C is the correct answer.

The truth is about 70 percent of the calories you burn each day are burned solely to support basic bodily functions, including tissue repair. In other words, more than two thirds of your energy (calorie) intake is used solely to exist. Scientists call this type of metabolism your basal metabolism. Another 15 percent of the calories you burn are due to exercise and movement, and the remaining 15 percent of the calories your body burns are used to digest the food you eat.

Knowing these percentages, it should be obvious that the smartest, most time-efficient way to lose weight is to increase your basal metabolism. This is because a small change in 70 percent is a heck of a lot more significant than a small change in 15 percent! That’s why our Full Fitness Fusion program is so different from most fitness programs. We don’t focus on only the number of calories you burn while exercising; instead, we have created a complete fitness program designed to increase your basal metab- olism and turn up the afterburn, so you burn calories long after the work- out is over.

Keep in mind, intense exercise involving resistance strength training, which is what our Full Fitness Fusion workouts provide, causes your tissue to use more calories and increases your muscle mass, which in turn increases your total calorie expenditure. By increasing your muscle mass you increase the number of cells in your body that contain large numbers of calorie-burning mitochondria, and your body simply burns the food you eat faster. In essence, building lean muscles speeds up your metabo- lism.

And as mentioned earlier, challenging your muscles in a way that forces your body to go into repair mode after your workout will not only lead to stronger, more metabolically active muscles but will also substan- tially increase the afterburn. And because our Full Fitness Fusion work- outs are intense enough and varied enough to temporarily damage and constantly challenge your muscles, the afterburn effect can last for up to 48 hours after your workout. The results: you get fit fast.


Without question, strength-building exercises have the greatest ability to transform your body. A properly designed resistance-training program can shape, tighten, and tone your muscles, lift any droopy areas, create symmetry, and incinerate unwanted fat by boosting your basal metabolism. But you are guaranteed to not get results if you fail to overload your muscles in your workout.

This means if you are lifting soup cans and doing 50 reps of leg lifts, you shouldn’t expect to see a visible change in your body shape or body composition anytime soon. If your workout strategy is to go for the burn by doing 100 arm circles, you should know that the burn you are feeling is lactic acid, but lactic acid buildup won’t increase your metabolism or do a single thing to help change your body shape or help you lose a single pound.

You absolutely must work your muscles to fatigue to see a change in your body, there is just no way around it. This is a concept many men grasp onto in a heartbeat, yet women still fear. The concern is they will bulk up with a resistance-training program. Trust us; you won’t bulk up, not if you do the functional-style full-body program that is built into our Clean Cuisine workouts.

It is true that even women who isolate muscles (such as doing leg extension exercises on weight machines or biceps curls) while lifting very heavy weight can get big, bulky muscles, but we are not going to have you doing isolation bodybuilding strength-training routines. In comparison to a bodybuilder-style workout, our exercises work multiple muscle groups at once and will not bulk you up.

Our workouts train your body in a multidirectional, multiplanar fashion, a system of training that defines functional fitness. You work every major muscle in your body in a balanced and functional way. You don’t isolate muscles, and your heart rate stays elevated the entire workout. You don’t spend hours on mind-numbing cardio machines. And you get results incredibly fast.

In short, our Full Fitness Fusion workouts will sculpt, whittle, and tone your body from head to toe.