What is Full Fitness Fusion

Full Fitness Fusion is a 30-minute full-body workout that is not only fully functional in nature but also fully transformational. Our workouts are based on resistance circuit training, and each workout is designed to quickly fatigue your whole body. Each one works every major muscle and gets your heart pumping hard. The program fuses cardio and resistance training into one elegant workout system. But it goes beyond that. Recognizing your body will adapt to whatever stress you place on it, we have created a fusion approach to fitness that constantly challenges your muscles with a variety of different workout strategies to prevent plateauing and combat boredom.

In our 8-week program (Chapter 9 of our book Clean Cuisine), you’ll notice we switch the workout program frequently to keep your body guessing. You’ll also notice each workout works your entire body, and the exercises are functional in nature, meaning we don’t isolate muscles but rather we work your muscles using compound movements to train your body to do real-world, functional, everyday activities as well as force your body to consume a lot of oxygen with each exercise. Full Fitness Fusion is all about total-body conditioning rather than the single-muscle, single-movement exercises you’ll find in old-fashioned workouts and bodybuilder exercise programs.

The dynamic combo movement exercises you’ll see in our workouts target at least two major muscle groups (think quads and glutes) and train your body in dif- ferent planes of motion (up and down, forward and back, side to side, diagonally, and with rotation), so they give you maximum bang for your movement buck. You’ll breathe hard doing the exercises because the exercises use large muscle groups that require a lot of oxygen; you’ll also keep your heart rate elevated because you won’t stop to rest.

Integrated into each workout are challenging core exercises that will flatten your stomach faster than any crunch-based traditional ab exercise routine. The core training component of the workout will also help alleviate and prevent low back and hip pain (part of the reason Ivy was able to tolerate her hip impingement for so long was because she had a very strong core).

The benefits to our Full Fitness Fusion approach are that it burns more calories (more muscles are used per exercise), strengthens the body more efficiently, and results in a more balanced physique. Functional training yields a balanced body that looks strong (and is strong) but not overdevel- oped. Because you won’t be isolating muscle groups like you would be doing with a traditional weight lifting program, you won’t get bulky; instead you’ll look sleek and firm.

Keep in mind, the goal of each workout is to put demands on your body it is not accustomed to; you want to go beyond your comfort zone and push your body. Pushing your body is how you get results. Obviously, you need to exercise some common sense here because you cer- tainly don’t want to push your body to injury! You absolutely have to listen to your body and stop if there is pain, especially in a joint. You should never do any exercises that strain your joints.

But you can’t lift only the least amount of weight either. You want to put stress on the muscles, not the joints. Those toning-style, soup-can workouts that are so popular in gyms and glamorous-looking workout videos simply don’t get results. If you want to get fitter, firmer, faster you need to get your heart rate pumping during your workout, and you need to be breathing hard and working every major muscle hard.

By working intensely, doing a variety of different functional exercises for large muscle groups, and moving quickly from one exercise to the next without resting you can achieve results quickly.

Quality over Quantity

As is the case with highly restrictive diets, fanatical exercise regimens that are physically draining or that require hours of your free time set the stage for failure. For those of you who, like us, do not enjoy exercising to extremes and also don’t have the time to devote to fanatical fitness regimens, the good news is the properly designed and time-efficient Full Fitness Fusion workout that overloads your muscles, works your entire body, and takes just 30 minutes to complete can be far more effective than a lesser-quality workout lasting twice as long.

Over and over, we see one of the main problems with a lot of workouts is that the focus is placed on the time spent working out rather than on the intensity and quality of the workout. Yet studies show you can reap significantly greater fat loss and significantly more metabolism-boosting muscle gain by performing short, high-intensity workouts as opposed to longer-duration, lower-intensity workouts. And you don’t need to do traditional aerobic exercise (running, biking) to burn fat either. Hormonal changes occur with circuit-style resistance training exercises that create a fat-burning environment; specifically, resistance training can increase levels of triacylglycerol lipase activity, a measure of fat burning.

In December 2006, Canadian researchers reported that seven sessions of high-intensity interval training over just 2 weeks increased women’s fat-burning enzyme activity, boosting their ability to burn fat during exercise by 36 percent. And it’s not just what happens during the workout that matters either; intense circuit-style resistance training signals your body to burn a higher percentage of fat calories for many, many hours after your workout ends.

The intensity of your workout is what increases the after-burn (also called excess postexercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC), and if your resistance training workout is intense enough you can burn almost double the amount of calories in the afterburn period than you would burn during the time spent doing moderate, steady-state cardio exercise such as jogging or biking. Fat oxidation is increased after resistance exercise, but not aerobic exercise, even 16 hours after the initial performance.

But, understand, the key to being able to reap the benefits of the afterburn is that the initial exercise must be intense.
Anyone who has ever exercised knows it is impossible to exercise for a long duration yet keep the intensity high.

So ultimately, when it comes to exercise, you must choose between quality and quantity. We choose quality. Not only do quality workouts deliver better results but they are quicker! Science shows longer workouts don’t burn more fat. What burns the most fat and gets you fitter, firmer, faster is intense full-body workouts, which by default must be short. The longer people exercise, the more they pace them- selves and the less intense (and less effective) their overall workout becomes.