Short, Intense Exercise

Short, Intense Exercise + Clean Cuisine = A Strong, Healthy, and Youthful Body

Exercise is proven to promote longevity; plus the benefits you reap from a regular fitness program improve the overall quality of your life. So the last thing we wanted to encourage in our book is a bunch of couch potato Clean Cuisine acolytes. Instead, what we are saying is that extreme fitness most likely does not promote longevity and could negatively impact your quality of life (not to mention take up a lot of time), especially if you don’t eat properly.

What we believe when it comes to exercise is that less is often more. In our opinions, the More Is Better mantra of fitness needs to be rethought. We are firm believers that short, intense, properly designed workouts that get your heart rate up and strengthen all of your major muscles are abso- lutely the fountain of youth when it comes to fitness regimens.

Keep in mind, your cells are constantly regenerating and your muscle cells refresh every 90 days or so. On average, you renew about 1 percent of the cells in your body daily, and those new cells come in either stronger and younger or weaker and older. Your lifestyle and exercise habits play a tremendous role in cell regeneration, for better or worse.

By exercising properly and refueling your body smartly, you can help your body grow younger and stronger. But to grow stronger you need to place a specific rather than haphazard demand on your muscles. That’s where quality over quantity comes into play.

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