Exercise DVD Ivy’s Story Part Three

Wedding Bells!

My diagnosis brought Andy and I together; no longer just good friends, we were married a year and a half later. Our son, Blake, was born one year after that. By this time I had radically changed my diet and regained my health. My husband also dramatically changed his diet. He stopped eating hospital food and started eating “Ivy food.” He quickly lost the extra pounds he had started to put on in medical school, which was the motivating factor that committed him to the diet too. By the time our son was born in 2001 we were both 100 percent committed to the nutrient-rich, whole foods-based and anti-inflammatory diet. Blake has known only healthful eating. He is now eleven and has taken antibiotics just once in his life. Last year he was one of only six kids in his one-hundred-person grade to earn the Presidential Physical Fitness Award.

By this time my husband had graduated from medical school as was doing his surgical residency in New Jersey. He was very interested in bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) and the two of us continued to study nutrition. The more we learned about the connection between diet, disease and obesity the more we realized the nutrient-rich, whole foods-based and anti-inflammatory “MS diet” was really just a healthy diet for everyone. The common link between MS and so many seemingly unrelated diseases (obesity, asthma, allergies, arthritis, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, etc.) is inflammation. And, because certain foods are pro-inflammatory and other foods are anti-inflammatory, you can actually gain control over the symptoms of numerous inflammatory conditions simply by adopting an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle (which includes exercise because exercise reduces inflammation.) We started hand-writing our suggestions down and giving them to friends and family. It wasn’t long before one friend suggested we write a book. We took his advice.

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