Exercise DVD Ivy’s Story Part Six

Life is Good Again

With the MS in remission and my hip issues behind me, I continue to be passionate about sharing my experience with others because I know that adopting a healthy lifestyle really can change your life. I also know that the only way a lifestyle program is going to be effective is if people actually do it. I am a very motivated individual when it comes to healthy living, but even I would be unable to follow an unnecessarily austere program. I feel firmly a lifestyle program cannot be overly strict or people just won’t do it, and therefore it won’t work.

What I have done with my Clean Cuisine book and Full Fitness Fusion workouts is taken all of the available research and put together a program that is doable and effective. Could you adopt a more extreme way of eating and exercising? Sure thing! Will doing so substantially improve your health, energy, or appearance? Based on all the available science, that’s highly doubtful. My primary goal is life-enhancement; I want to enjoy my life maximally in every way possible. The diet and exercise recommendations I make are strict when and where it counts most and lenient where it doesn’t matter so much. It’s a balanced lifestyle that will not decrease the pleasure in your life. And doing Full Fitness Fusion doesn’t require hours of precious time to get results. You can be fit and still have a life!

I am not going to lie and say that the health challenges I have faced have been easy to go through, because they were terrible. However, I do believe my story and the knowledge I have gained regarding fitness and nutrition can continue to help many, many people. At least I sure hope so!