Exercise DVD Ivy’s Story Part Four

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The book-writing project turned out to be a lot more difficult than we had ever in our wildest dreams imagined. It took forever to write and then we couldn’t even get it published! After several years we found an editor, Allison Janse, at HCI Books who was very interested in my story and our approach. We had titled the unpublished book The Gold Coast Cure and we said that it was a nutrition and lifestyle program that would help reverse the symptoms of up to 10 chronic inflammatory conditions affecting millions of Americans. Allison thought that sounded great! But she didn’t just want us to give her the medical journal references we used in our research. She wanted real-life testimonials.

Getting the real-life testimonials was almost more challenging than writing the book because we needed to get a large group of people who had all the various conditions we said our Gold Coast Cure could treat (MS, fibromyalgia, obesity, arthritis, endometriosis, asthma, etc.) and meet with them three days a week for five weeks—we lectured on nutrition for the first 30 minutes and then I led them through a 30 minute Full Fitness Fusion style workout for the second part of the class. We held our program at the prestigious Red Bank Atlantic Club in New Jersey and at the end of the five weeks we had our results. They were actually better than we could have ever imagined. Every single person improved the symptoms of their inflammatory conditions and lost weight (and inches!) Those with high blood pressure, high triglycerides and unhealthy cholesterol ratios saw measurable improvements. We were thrilled! And so was Allison.

Soon after we got the testimonials we got our first book deal from HCI Books and in 2005 The Gold Coast Cure was published. We got a great deal of media attention and the book soon became an Amazon.com #1 bestseller. We sold tens of thousands of copies and the book was translated into several different languages. We started receiving email testimonials from all over the world. Our second and third book followed. We knew we were onto something and we knew that our combination of time-efficient and effective 30 minute workouts and nutrient-rich, whole foods-based and anti-inflammatory diet guidelines were changing lives. In 2011 we started the CleanCuisineandMore.com website to provide our readers with a snapshot into our daily lives.

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