Exercise DVD Ivy’s Story Part Five

Tough Times Return…

I am now in my mid-thirties and remain in wonderful health. But, by far my greatest health problem has actually not been MS but instead a congenital hip disorder called femoral retroversion in which my femoral head was angled twenty-two degrees off normal. The hip issue was misdiagnosed for years, and resulted in significant pain for over a decade. As I got older and during my 25-pound pregnancy weight gain, the condition ultimately resulted in destruction of cartilage and painful impingement in which my femoral head was pressing up against my hip socket (simply sitting in a chair became extremely painful.) It took over 10 years, countless alternative therapies, and a failed first hip surgery to get a proper diagnosis. People always hear about my MS and think that the diagnosis sounds so terrible and so scary, but for me, the hip ordeal has been much, much worse. I tried every noninvasive, nonsurgical alternative therapy under the sun for my hip. You name it, I tried it. And nothing worked. It was very depressing because until I got the proper diagnosis I really didn’t have control over the issue— or the pain.

Finally, in 2012 I underwent a massive 6 ½ hour surgery called a femoral derotational osteotamy at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC to correct the congenital hip problem. The surgery involved intentionally breaking the longest bone in my body, the femur, and then rotating the shaft to put my femoral head in the normal position. After the surgery, I was unable to walk for over 4 months; it took at least 7 months before she could walk without limping, and months after that to adjust to walking with my new anatomy.

Exercise DVD Leg Pics

During the extended period of time it took to recover, I couldn’t do any form of cardio for more than a few minutes. (I could ride the stationary bike for 1 or 2 minutes and use a hula hoop while standing in place, but that was about it. But I didn’t just sit on the couch either. Even with a broken leg, with zero cardio workouts I was still able to maintain my fitness level. It was during this down time that I really honed my fitness knowledge and developed the Full Fitness Fusion 30 Minute Solution workout concept. One of the biggest problems with so many workout programs is that the moves are technically too difficult for the average, untrained person to do and/ or the workout is not intense enough to really get results. Full Fitness Fusion combats both problems because the exercises can be done by anyone (they don’t involve any tricky dance choreography or extreme coordination) but they are also intense, so you really do see results.

I filmed the Full Fitness Fusion workout video just 9 months after my surgery and only 2 months after I started walking again. I was still having pain when I did the video and I certainly couldn’t jog or jump, but the workout kept me lean and strong. The girls I invited to be in the workout with me were all my good girlfriend, all were moms in their mid-thirties and each one had their own health issues; one was pregnant, one had undergone 4 major knee surgeries and the other one struggled with back pain. But we could all do the Full Fitness Fusion workout!

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