testimonialpic Full Fitness Fusion is fully functional, full body & fully transformational. It will change your body. Quick!
Full Fitness Fusion is a comprehensive workout system that fuses a variety of highly effective exercise training techniques into one time-efficient 30-minute solution. It is the workout program features in the book, Clean Cuisine (Penguin Group, 2013), written by Ivy Larson and Andy Larson, M.D.

The high intensity no impact workout that get you fitter, firmer, faster. Full Fitness Fusion is high intensity so you get results quickly, but it is a completely no impact workout. You will burn at while sculpting lean strong muscles and keeping your heart rate elevated. The workout changes with your body and can be adapted to the beginner or advanced exerciser.

DVD includes: 5 minute Optional Fusion Activation Calorie Burning Warm-Up, 30 Minute Full Fitness Body Sculpting, Fat Burning Workout, 10 minute Bonus Stretch & Firm Yoga Inspired Cool Down.

Ivy Ingram Larson is the creator of Full Fitness Fusion. Ivy is the founder of, fitness & nutrition author of four books, including Clean Cuisine, and an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Health Fitness Specialist.